ECOO Annual Conference

ECOO 2010: Inspire, Connect, Learn
November 11 and 12, 2010.
Sheraton Parkway North Hotel
Richmond Hill, Ontario

ECOO holds a major conference on educational computing.
This major event provides sessions for everyone from a beginner user to the computer expert.

All levels of education, from pre-school to post secondary are covered.
The conference features over 200 presentations by leaders and local experts.

A large exhibit area features many local and international vendors, highlighting new products or services for teacher and student use.

About ECOO
Mission Statement:
The Educational Computing Organization of Ontario exists to share and disseminate information and to advocate and promote the effective use of computers and associated technologies in the education process.

This organization:

was formed in 1979 and since then the organization has grown steadily.

over the years ECOO has served thousands of teachers in their quest to integrate computers

represents all levels of the education system and draws members from all areas of study.

has membership extending across international boundaries, although the primary focus is on Ontario issues.

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